Yuri Rozanov - Artist and Poet

"The Founder of Erotic Social Realism" Michael German (The International Association of Art Critics (AICA), Russian Museum Saint-Petersburg) 1990


Yuri Rozanov (1942 - 2004) was born in the Volga region of Russia at a time when the region was suffering great hardship. Yuri was one of eleven children, of which only three survived to adulthood.

He received his art education in Odessa in the Black Sea region.
At the same time he worked as a seaman and published his poetry and drawings in the well known newspaper "Seaman".

Since moving to Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) in 1978 he was represented in more then 150 exhibitions.

Pharaon Beach
Black Prince Above the Pink Sea
Sun of Russian Poetry
Washingtons Victory Goddess
Egipt Trip Leda II Cruiser Varangian in the Last Fight Little Nude Golden Russia